Visualization Guide to Manifest Your Goals and Intentions

Product Description

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to use visualization in a simple self-practice you can easily incorporate into your daily life. This visualization exercise is designed to help you set intentions and initiate forward motion towards your goals, in any area of your life you desire.

Creative visualization is a practice of influencing our outer world by changing our internal world (attitudes, feelings and thoughts.) It is a basic technique used to mentally train muscle memory and develop positive thinking skills that is often used by business leaders and athletes to enhance their performance and achieve results.

You can choose to improve your diet and nutrition, start a business, start a new relationship, get fit, change your career, learn a language or grow in any other area of your life you put your mind to. Or all of the above! Setting goals creates a sense of motivation and dedication, harmonizing the mind and entire body towards that commitment. You will go-on to develop routines and habits that set you in motion towards that goal, creating even further action and leading you in the direction of your desired results.

This guide will help you get started today!

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