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Stainless steel anti-microbial tongue cleaner for daily use. Cleaning the tongue daily is an Ayurveda ritual used to stimulate digestion and remove bacteria. For best results, follow your tongue scraping with a quick brush and the 5-minutes of oil pulling with cold-pressed coconut oil!


Tongue Scraping Ritual

Best Time to Use: First thing in the morning, before drinking any fluids or brushing your teeth.

One of the most direct ways of clearing your skin is to remove excess toxins from the internal body. Our outer body and skin usually show the first signs of something off-balance internally, as your body works to expel it from your system. One of the fastest Ayurvedic methods for detox is a daily oral hygiene practice called “tongue scraping”.  This technique has been used for thousands of years to remove toxins from the tongue, which tends to be a collection zone of bacterial build-up; especially as we sleep when the body does its deepest detox and restoration work. If your taste buds are covered with “ama” (bacteria and plaque), it also makes it harder to taste your food as you’re eating. When your tongue is desensitized and food isn’t registering to the brain as being tasty or satisfying, it can also lead to going overboard with salt and sweets. This added salt and sugar intake may even lead to overeating, weight gain, other health problems and/or further skin issues. Instead, fall in love with tongue brushing! I now can’t live without it.

How to Use: The best time to scrape your tongue is first thing in the morning to remove any coating and other debris that may have accumulated overnight as a result of cleansing the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. I recommend a well-designed tongue scraper made from stainless steel or copper. Place the rounded end of the scraper far back on the tongue and gently pull forward. Repeat until you’ve covered the whole surface of your tongue and it feels clean. It may be a bit strange at first, but I promise you’ll quickly become addicted to how fresh your entire mouth feels. For best results, follow your tongue scraping with a quick brush and the 5-minutes of oil pulling with cold-pressed coconut oil!


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