Palo Santo "Holy Wood" Essence 3-Pack

Product Description

Palo Santo is an aromatic sacred wood essence, burned similarly to incense, sage, cedar or other smudge sticks. It was known for centuries by the Incas and other indigenous cultures as "Holy wood" and used as a spiritual remedy. 

When burned, this natural wood incense releases an uplifting aroma of pine notes, lemon and mint — purifying the air and creating an invigorating yet grounding experience. 

Shamans and healers (Curanderos) traditionally used palo santo wood essence as a purification tool and to rid physical spaces (or individuals) of negative energies, misfortune, evil or unwanted spirits and other energetic blockages. It is most often used for purifying, cleansing and and overall renewal, like hitting the "reset" button.

Palo Santo (bursera graveolens): This natural wild harvest and sustainably cultured wood incense is incredibly conducive to meditation, Reiki, yoga and other relaxation or mindfulness practices. The aroma instantly quiets your mind and drops you into a deeper connection to nature, source, your highest version of yourself. It keeps you grounded and clear, opening you to enhanced creativity and new ideas. One of the best ways to set intentions and instantly raise your frequency! 

Other uses include therapeutically for emotional balance and depression, stress, headaches, inflammation, cold and flu symptoms. Interestingly, these benefits are only found when a palo santo tree dies naturally and is allowed to decompose for five to eight years. That gives the oils in the wood enough time to fully mature before it is harvested and processed into sticks or essential oils. Most Palo Santo incense is not cultivated this way, so be careful when choosing your source. That is Why Our Palo Santo is 100% Natural and Sustainable - so YOU Experience the True Benefits!

Details: Listing price includes a pack of three (3) pieces of palo santo. Premium, Authentic and Best Quality Palo Santo - each stick is about 4" Inches (10 cm) long. Cut from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees & produced in strict accordance with governmental guidelines regulating the collection, processing, & global distribution of Palo Santo. We support responsible, regenerative sourcing practices, & contribute to active reforestation efforts to ensure a long-term supply of the Bursera graveolens tree for future generations.

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