Gua Sha Jade Crystal Face Lifting Tool | Ancient Skincare Ritual Anti-aging

Product Description

This Gua Sha Face Lifting Tool has so many benefits to help enhance your natural beauty routine. Use to help with lymphatic drainage, to address fine line and wrinkles, or to help with the loss of elasticity and skin firmness.

Jade Gua Sha tools have become very popular among beauty enthusiasts thanks to their amazing benefits, including: anti-aging (sculpting, toning, and firming skin), improves circulation, enhances skin glow and reduces puffiness.

Travel Tips: I especially love using my gua sha and jade facial roller when I travel to reduce puffiness and tenderness in my face - from either the high altitudes and low humidity when flying (always stay extra hydrated!), general changes in atmosphere/environment as well as to help detox my lymphatic system from the added germ exposure. It definitely helps me look less travel-haggard or jet-lagged, but also leaves my skin feeling reaaaally good and glowy.

It also feels very cool and refreshing on your skin for an added bonus! I roll away and say some affirmations to pump myself up in the mirror, its a fantastic part of my beauty and skincare ritual. If you can't tell, I seriously love my jade gua sha :)

Enjoy being PAMPERED!


Use daily: to minimize fine lines, improve elasticity, detoxify pours, and help skincare products penetrate better.

How I clean it : I wipe it with a soft cloth and then swipe it with rose water before I use it.

Please keep in mind when ordering: Due to natural variations in jade stone, every Jade Gua Sha tool is unique in pattern and color. These items are not featured in a box. Jade roller sold separately.

Made in United States of America

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