GROUNDING Sacred Smudge Kit with Palo Santo Incense Rope, Black Tourmaline, a Brass Bell and Magical Tools Ritual Book

Product Description

This GROUNDING sacred smudge kit contains beautiful tools of nature; used to ground, stabilize, cultivate inner strength and security. We have combined white sage with palo santo incense, rough black tourmaline, a brass bell and magical tools ritual book.

Ancient Wisdom and Suggested Uses 

Reset your sense of feeling grounded by giving yourself a moment of awareness and ritual. Your Grounding Bundle contents are unique to this particular bundle, curated to uphold your ritual work. 

This kit includes:

  • 1 white sage, bundled and hand wrapped, 2-3 inches
  • 1 palo santo rope incense 
  • 1 rough black tourmaline
  • 1 brass bell
  • Complete instruction booklet with magical tools and ways to use this wonderful kit with intention

Sage   (Salvia farinacea) 

is one of the most Sacred herbs and has a fresh and pungent odor as well as a variety of uses. Sage is used principally for smudging, clearing space of unwanted energies and the blessing of our homes, vehicles, other spaces or items, etc. It is commonly used in medicinal tea to flush ones system of all impurities. In sweat lodge ceremonies, sage is used to sit on and represents part of the plant world. It is also burned in smudge pots. The herb is widely used in many of our sacred ceremonies.

Ancient Tradition

sage herb has been used for cleansing for centuries. These herbs can be utilized when dry, for creating a sense of purity, renewal and divine clearing. Simply light a bit of these herbs and waft the smoke around an area you wish to clear of unwanted scents, negative energy or to simply start a new day with positive intentions!

Product Details 

This kit includes: 1 white sage, bundled and hand wrapped, 2-3 inches, 1 palo santo rope incense, 1 rough black tourmaline, 1 brass bell, Complete instruction booklet with magical tools and ways to use this wonderful kit with intention

Women- Made in United States of America 

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