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Pitta imbalances manifest in the body as excess heat (skin reactions, “hot” emotions, sharp or acidic digestive conditions), bitterness, rigidity, oily complexion, and physical or mental burnout due to overworking or overachieving.

Pitta-Balancing Body Oil is crafted from a cooling blend of herbs and oils that helps disperse excess heat, softens one’s emotional edges, and eases tension in the mind. Great for Pitta-dominant individuals, times of intensity, stress or feeling over-heated, and warmer summer months and climates.


Massage Ritual:

Use these oil blends to create the ultimate high-frequency self-massage experience (or alternatively jointly with a partner) as you set intentions around a specific healing issue. Use a soft touch, intentional love and full acceptance of where you are in the present moment, in the here and now. If doing self-massage, stay aware of your unique sensations, what/where feels the best for your unique body and brings you the greatest relief. Then spend more time on those areas regularly! With a partner, tune-in to their body language, reactions, vibrations or feedback to achieve the best results.

Essential oils and aromatherapy may rejuvenate the physical body, soothe and calm mental distress, speed recovery from emotional trauma, manage physical health, and help you to get through challenging times with more ease and grace. They can help you change the way you feel and improve the quality of your life.


ORGANICALLY CRAFTED WITH: oils of coconut + sunflower • neem • licorice root • lemon balm • peppermint • brahmi • calendula • essential oils of lavender + lime •

HEADS UP! Due to the high content of virgin coconut oil this product tends to solidify in colder temperatures. It hasn’t gone bad; simply place bottle in warm water bath to liquefy. 

Details: 2 oz massage oil

Made in United States of America



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