Meet Corene

Meet the Founder of Artisan Farmacy, Corene Summers

Reiki Master. Chakra & Energy Healer. Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs. Meditation & Mindfulness Expert. Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©
Above all else: A Warrior & Champion for ALL the Good in Humanity.
Corene Summers, Founder of Artisan Farmacy, seated in lotus pose on a light pink sofa with a big smile


Hi 👋 incredible to meet you, beautiful soul! Are you on your healing and awakening journey too?

I founded Artisan Farmacy after a long period of burnout, multiple traumas, grief and loss, a demanding leadership career in wealth management, skyrocketing anxiety and struggling with serious health symptoms as a result of a cocktail of autoimmune issues, including 12 years battling Lyme disease.

A kismet trip in 2011 to India, Nepal, Tibet and Sri Lanka to volunteer at an orphanage and study ancient wellness rituals changed my entire life trajectory. It taught me how to truly heal and launched my awakening. It inspired me to create this platform and share the ancient wisdom and frequency medicine that helped me re-claim my health, cultivate richer relationships, and build a prosperous business that serves the world.

Now I've coached 100,000+ incredible humans, built 75+ brand partnerships and collaborations, have a top 5% performing podcast, hosted over 150 live wellness events, have 75,000+ monthly content views, have grown my combined social media and email network to over 40,000, am a writer and revenue-earning public speaker.

What started as an idea, deep desire and a notebook full of dreams has become my REAL day-to-day through a combination of business skills and consistent effort, trust and harnessed intuition, ancient rituals and techniques -- yep, through everything I share here at Artisan Farmacy. 

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I'm here to support you on your own unique journey  🖤 Corene


How I Got Here...

Artisan Farmacy Founder Corene Summers the day she contracted Lyme disease, jumping up in the air with feet tucked under her body and arms reaching above her head while smiling on a hike in the Shenandoah forest
This joyful photo was taken the same day I picked-up the tick that gave me Lyme disease while I was on a hiking trip with my partner at the time in Shenandoah National Park in June 2010. Before I got sick I always had a ton of energy! I was the life of the party, incredibly positive, bubbly and happy. I was very involved socially as well as with my job and the financial services industry, achieving new certifications and advancements, constantly traveling, volunteering in my local community and in politics.
A few days after this photo I found a tick on my belly… and a few days after that discovered the haunting bulls-eye rash (that Lyme disease is known for) that would take me on the journey of a lifetime…
Artisan Farmacy Founder Corene Summers in a hospital gown at the hospital while receiving treatment for her Lyme disease diagnosis
I was treated for just a few days on heavy antibiotics (doxycycline) before having an allergic reaction - and then was not put on any other medications after that. I was told I “should be fine” after getting a (false) negative Lyme test within those few days after starting the failed antibiotic. Then between January 2011 and June 2018 I had diagnoses that included an ovarian cyst rupture, candida, parasites, IBS, H-pylori, hepatitis, Epstein Barr Virus, lots of severe bronchitis, 50+ food sensitivities, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, anxiety and depression. My symptoms included a lot of severe digestive issues, brain fog and disrupted mental function, extreme exhaustion, joint/muscle pain and occasionally falling, rashes and skin issues, nervous system issues, lymph issues with swollen glands and cysts, dental problems, liver problems, a weak spleen and gallbladder… Not normal for your typical girl navigating her twenties eating a diet of fresh whole foods, daily exercise and generally living a healthy lifestyle.
Eventually the Lyme connection was discovered eight years later in June 2018: I was told my body had created a permanent autoimmune response to the Lyme bacteria at this point and that I would likely suffer from some level of my existing symptoms for the rest of my life.
Yeah, I called BS on that. I wasn't ready to give-up my life to disease yet...
Artisan Farmacy Founder Corene Summers in an all white brick room standing in a yoga reverse warrior pose reaching one arm up above her head in a backbend with eyes closed
Luckily, in my continuous search for renewed health and well-being, I discovered many sacred wellness practices and products that showed me the path to a different end in my story.
These tools — such as Ayurveda and ancient nutrition, natural detox through toxin-free products, herbal medicines and supplements, meditation and mindfulness, positive psychology and thought power, deep relaxation, sleep techniques, yoga for health, chakra balancing, Reiki and energy healing methods and more — all helped me heal from within and put most of my symptoms into remission.
I fell in love with these ancient wellness rituals because they work so uniquely with each individuals own unique mind and body. No two people are quite the same, just like no disease or healing journey is the same. And so it becomes this beautiful and transformative discovery process.
Artisan Farmacy Founder Corene Summers sitting on a green yoga mat in lotus position with one arm resting on her lap and the other hand holding two fingers between the brows at the third eye chakra with eyes closed meditating
These ancient wellness techniques and products have been shown to reduce stress and create greater ease of being, calm the nervous system, enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, maximize energy potential, sharpen focus and mental functions, increase clarity, improve your mood and even boost creativity and innovation. They can put you in your best position possible to battle whatever type of trauma you are battling in your life (we all have something).
Now the question is: Are you ready to dig deep, heal your own shit and have more focus, energy and strength to live your days to the fullest, regardless of where you are today?
Are you ready to feel better so you have more time and energy to dedicate to the most important things in your life — like your precious family and friends, your career, possibly starting a business or other entrepreneurial ambitions, exploring the world, enjoying hobbies & passions... what did I miss?!
Artisan Farmacy luxury goat milk soap in the lemongrass and tea tree scent pictured with fresh lemongrass plant, tea tree oils, sage burning with curled smoke and a mortar and pestel
The "Farmacy" products as well as the trainings and powerful techniques I share on the Artisan Farmacy platform have been used for 5000+ years by ancient civilizations (with increasing modern-day support from the fields of science and psychology!) to heal from within and to harmonize and optimize mind-body functions. They work, plain and simple.
These products and wellness programs will help you fall more and more in love with yourself, with your healing journey, with humanity and with life's potential overall as you explore how to naturally and intuitively bring yourself back into balance and harmony (back to feelin GOOD!) when things get out of whack. you can fully show-up to BE your most vibrant self and create more PEACE & JOY in your life! 

Where I Am Now...

Artisan Farmacy Founder Corene Summers standing in an all white brick room in all black with a light pink sheath turning over one shoulder and smiling
Now, I'm the CEO and Founder of Artisan Farmacy. I'm a Reiki Master and Chakra healer. A business coach and mentor for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs. I'm a well-being expert proficient in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness and other holistic wellness techniques to our modern world!
I try to put things into "plain English" so you can apply these complex ancient wisdom techniques more quickly and easily. I deeply love what I do and am honored to be in the business of supporting others.I've always believed in "people helping people" above all else!
After a decade of working in wealth management I founded Artisan Farmacy in 2016 to share these life-changing strategies, tools and resources with others. I help my clients achieve their ultimate visions for the future in health, running their business and/or leadership role, family & personal passions. We achieve epic transformation together through cultivating powerful habits and rituals to master stress and anxiety, optimize sleep and other circadian rhythms, sharpen focus, increase energy, spark creativity and align with your most powerful purpose... leading to abundant success in all spheres of your life.
Are you ready?

Key Credentials & Titles:

*Reiki Master Trainer
*Business Coach & Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs
 *Meditation and Mindfulness Diploma
*Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©
*Certified Yoga Instructor (200 HR)
*Specialties in Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Mindset & Positive Thinking
*Expert coach for Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wellness Coach App and Under Armour
*Have guided 100,000+ incredible souls through my coaching services
*Hosted 150+ well-being focused events
*Partnered with 60+ brands on various collaborations
*Grown my social network to 40,000 and growing

Imagine what we will achieve together 🖤

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