Peace with Snow Quartz Essential Oil | Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Blends & Rituals

Product Description

Bring a sense of peace and calm to your space. This floral blend of lavender and geranium is rounded out with fresh lemon. The pure essential oil blend contains snow and grey quartz stones help bring calm. 15ml amber glass bottle with orifice reducer.


Inhalent Ritual:

INHALE, EXHALE. Take long, slow, deep breaths using these oil blends as an inhalent for a few minutes at a time as you set intentions around a specific healing issue. Focus your thoughts and awareness fully on the rhythm and harmony of your breath, an affirmation / mantra or imagining positive visions of your future.

Diffuser Ritual:

Discover a blissful state of calm, ease of being and state-of-flow flow in your bedroom, office, a sacred space or any area of your home with these powerful diffuser-ready blends. Gently breathe-in the revitalizing aromas wafting through the air as you set intentions around a specific healing issue. Pause to connect with yourself as-needed and consider: How do I feel right now? Is there anything I am holding onto that I can release right now? Exhale deeply to let it go. Is there anything positive I can focus on drawing-in right now? Focus on your intention as you inhale.

Essential oils and aromatherapy may rejuvenate the physical body, soothe and calm mental distress, speed recovery from emotional trauma, manage physical health, and help you to get through challenging times with more ease and grace. They can help you change the way you feel and improve the quality of your life


Details: 15ml amber glass bottle with orifice reducer

Made in United States of America

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