Sales Mindsets of the Future: the Quantum Mechanics Connection

Sales Mindsets of the Future: the Quantum Mechanics Connection

"Belief, Integrity, and Aligned Action are the Most Important Attributes in the Quest to Drive Sales Results Right Now" - Jeff Armstrong


Sales are the lifeblood of a business.  Without sales, revenue and profit a business cannot function long term.  Money is simply the energy that keeps the lights on and the engine running.  The new question that needs to be posed right now is how do we leverage our current understanding of quantum mechanics (the fact that everything is energy) to improve our life, business and sales results?   

The word that may be the most important to understand on this journey is ‘coherence’.   Coherence was originally a physics term used to describe the harmony of a waveform.  It is now generally used to describe the amount of order, harmony and balance within a system - any system.  In Communication, coherence means that people are effectively and efficiently communicating stories, ideas and information to one another.  Coherence in nature can mean a thriving ecosystem where the individuated pieces support and complement the whole.  It can also mean schools of fish or flocks of birds moving together in synchronization.  In our body, physiological coherence means our heart, brain and emotions are in energetic alignment - it is a measurable  state of expansion, health and resonance.

The big idea here is that we now know that coherence drives resonance ‘in the field’, which in turn, drives higher ordered outcomes and self-organizing behavior.   This is true across any system.   Here is a quick video demonstration of this natural phenomena. 

To understand how coherence can affect our life and business in a positive way, we first must understand coherence in the body, because it all starts with our most important organ, the heart, and how effectively it synchronizes with… well, everything else in our universe.



Coherence & Optimal Function

Decades of research shows that our hearts send far more information to our brains than our brains send to our hearts. When our heart is beating in what is called an ‘incoherent rhythm’, it sends a message to our brain and nervous system that produces suboptimal function.  This happens when we are stressed, pissed or worrisome..  The brain and body get knocked out of balance and this incoherence leads to a reduction in our ability to learn, problem-solve, critically think, and self regulate our emotions.  It is our body in a state of contraction.

When our heart is beating in a coherent rhythm (there’s an app for measuring that), it sends coherent signals to the brain and nervous system that then brings each of these systems into synchronization.  In fact, it entrains all of our biological systems, organs, cells and DNA.  This is the body in a state of expansion.  Overwhelming research shows this coherent state upregulates our health, happiness, and performance.  Also, it may just unlock some of the secrets of the universe too.

The pathway to meaningful and sustainable change in our lives and society comes from being able to self-regulate our emotions, understand and change our habits and patterns, and to use this personal transformation to influence positive societal change.

And in the context of good sales and business, it means working in energetic alignment of who we really are and for the greater good.


The good news is we can influence coherence in most systems in very practical ways.


***Check out "The Frequency Shifters Show" on Apply Podcasts to learn more about all things energy, science-meets-spirituality and other mysteries of the universe.


The frequencies of emotion and thought occur in wavelengths that are imperceptible to most measurement tools, but the effects of their power and impact are no less real.  Increased coherence drives higher ordered outcomes in the following three ways:.

1. Coherence & Individual Flow – Your heart rhythms “entrain” all biological systems into energetic alignment.

Coherence synchronizes neural activity, promotes ‘whole brain thinking’, and gives us more access to the deeper, more creative regions of the brain. Coherence up-regulates creativity, intuition, innovation, and better decision making. 

2. Coherence & Group Flow -. Our heart rhythms don’t stop at the skin.  In fact, they can be measured 5 feet from the body using a scientific device called a magnetometer.  This device, with a high degree of accuracy, can predict what kind of emotional state we are in.  When people are in coherence together, they are “resonating” which translates into mental, emotional, and physical benefits – and lifts group performance to higher levels. 


Whether you have been part of an exceptional sports team, musical performance or a high performing group, you recognize that something extraordinary can take place when its members are resonating and in-sync with one another.


This is literally the science that unpins how you can feel the positive vibes of another person or ‘cut the tension in the air with a knife.’

3. Coherence, Synchronicities & Higher Ordered Outcomes

Nassim Haramein has spent more than 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry.

These studies led Haramein to groundbreaking mathematical equations, theories, published papers, and patented inventions in unified physics.  His work is now gaining worldwide recognition and acceptance.

Nassims’ mathematics suggests that we live in a ‘call and response’ universe.   

Additionally, Dr. Joe Dispenze suggests the thoughts we think send an electrical signal out into ‘the field’ and the feelings we generate magnetically draw people, situations and events back to us.  How we think and how we feel produces a state of being which generates an electromagnetic signature in the quantum and influences every atom in our world.  

Candice Pert, an internationally recognized neuroscientist and pharmacologist, who was coined ‘the godmother of emotion’, has a similar take:

This is an old understanding made new again.  This is ancient wisdom re-emerging into our collective consciousness through contemporary science.  A new system to replace an old one that no longer serves.  


So how do we leverage this new understanding of how our heart, mind and body influence our world and our reality.  Well, the days of sales misalignment are coming to an end.  If you or your business cannot fully align your objectives with those of your customer and prospects, well, you might be going the way of the dodo bird.  Remember, the difference between persuasion and manipulation is intention.


As with most things, all of this starts with the fundamentals.  Make sure there is alignment between the heart, mind, emotions and right action - this will drive self-organizing behavior and higher ordered outcomes.  Set goals with the conscious mind and allow your subconscious ‘state of being’ help make them a reality.  This is more than just raising your vibration, it is how you begin to create the life, business and sales results of your dreams.



If you are interested in some practical ways to bring the sky to the street in sales, Here are 8 tactical ways to bring more coherence and higher ordered outcomes into your sales process.  And Marketing too!



The Featured Author: Jeff Armstrong

Jeff is a life-long entrepreneur,  business leader and wellness advocate who has deep experience in helping people and organizations find the most effective solutions to gain healthy, productive advantages in the workplace and in life.  Currently, he is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cultivate Advisors where he helps business owners blaze new frontiers in revenue and profit. Jeff also teaches simple, highly-effective, evidence-based techniques to calm reactive emotions, neutralize stress, and create more resilience & flow.  Jeff is a HeartMath trainer, certified in the science of building resilience and creating flow.

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